Board Member – IESBA (International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants)
Board Member at SHIFT Project
Audit Committee Member at Banco Santander Brasil
Council Member of IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council) – as a representative of IBGC – and Board Member of Integrated Reporting Framework Board.
Member of UNCTAD/ISAR Group
Head of CBARI (the Brazilian Network for Integrated Reporting)
Senior executive with more than 25 years of substantial experience in the financial market, occupying strategic and statutory chairs, as Board Member; Head of Delegation; Head Accountant in Financial Institutions; Advisory Council for International Accounting, Sustainability and Ethics Standards, Auditing and Professional Ethics Consultative Councils; Investor Relations and National and International Commissions to support corporate reporting.
Deputy Controlling Director and member of the BNDES Risk Committee, notable role as Advisor for Financial Market Transparency to the CEO, Investor Relations and Financial Policy Manager.
Member of the Brazilian Investor Relations Institute, where she was also a member of the Technical and the Disclosure Committees.
Active voice in the dissemination of best Integrated Reporting practices, being a frequent speaker at the main corporate events in Brazil and abroad. Member of W-CFO Brazil.
Former member of the Fiscal Council of FAPES and an alternate member of the Fiscal Council of BNB.
Former Advisory Group IFRS Foundation, Consultative and Advisory Group of International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board,
PhD candidate in Accountancy and Administration at FUCAPE Business School
Author of book aimed at the financial market, lecturer and congresswoman, she is also a professor of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, teaching classes, supervising monographs and course completion works, participating in evaluation boards and planning courses in the Finance, Accounting and Administration grades companies.
Strong experience in Business Analysis, Financial Planning, Cross-function Team Leadership, Data Analysis, Accountability, and Due Dilligence for funding raising transactions, budget and SAP implementation

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