Stephan Pouyat is Global Head of Capital Markets and Funds Services at Euroclear. The Capital Markets business represents €33 trillion of assets under custody across the group, while the Funds Services business represents approximately €1 trillion.

His unit’s role is to deliver operational excellence in all markets in which it operates, with a particular focus on 28 emerging economies where it works to support the expansion of local debt capital markets and their funds services requirements.

Stephan is a trusted advisor to Ministers of Finance, Governors and Deputies, including the Heads of Debt Management and various regulatory bodies, and is a highly regarded speaker in the industry.

He regularly engages in discussions with senior government officials in emerging markets aimed at increasing market liquidity, attracting additional capital flows and simplifying access to international investors for local issuers.

The combination of financial market reform and access to Euroclear’s global network can play a major part in supporting development in the world’s emerging economies by helping them secure the capital flows required to fund investment in physical and social infrastructure.

Stephan has also held a number of senior positions within Euroclear in product management, network management, as chief of staff to the UK and Dutch CEOs, and in corporate restructuring and corporate strategy.

Prior to joining Euroclear, Stephan was employed by Federated Investors as vice president for e-commerce, where he developed a web-based settlement engine.   He has a Master’s degree from both Eurecom and Polytechnique Lausanne (Switzerland) and has completed an Executive Program at Harvard Business School.