Darryl F. Abdoelgafoer is a senior risk manager at EuroCCP where he is among others responsible for the recovery and resolution planning. Prior to joining EuroCCP, Darryl worked over two years at Eurex Clearing, where he was responsible for the recovery and resolution planning and the implementation of the EU CCP recovery and resolution regulation.

Darryl also has extensive experience at De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), the Dutch Central Bank and National Resolution Authority. Here he was responsible for the resolution planning of Dutch (significant) banks, and was part of resolution colleges of foreign banks. Besides that, Darryl was also responsible for policy topics, e.g. valuation in resolution, continued access to FMIs, innovations in the financial sector and resolution data requirements.

Darryl holds a Master’s degree in Finance from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and is FRM Certified by GARP.