Founder & CEO: Dr. AbdelGadir Warsama Legal Consultancy L.L.C. — Giving legal advisory, advocacy, consultancy and research work to clients including local & international financial institutions, individual bodies and corporate entities.


Earlier professional positions, in order:


Legal Advisor and Head Legal Dept. Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait (Group) & Professor of law – American University Bahrain NYiT \ UCB \ BIBF \ RUW…


Worked as Legal Advisor to Central Bank of UAE & UAE Securitas Markets. Professor of Law – Zayed University. Worked as Legal Advisor to Central Bank of Oman — Sultanate of Oman.

Worked as Legal Advisor, Ministry of Justice – Sudan.


As legal consultant, for more than 40 years my duties include, inter alia, advising on legal maNers covering different local and international laws. Drafting and interpretation of laws, regulations & policies. Drafting & interpretation of international and local contracts, loan agreements, project finance documentation, documentary credits, LCs. Study & follow-up litigation and appearance before Courts in many Countries including Gulf Countries (GCC), London, Malaysia, India…… Participated in local and international arbitration cases & adjudication including ICC — Paris, London, Dubai, Bahrain, India…




The Central Bank of UAE, as regulator to banks advised the Gov. to draft laws to regulate Securities Markets in UAE. Being, the legal Advisor of UAE Central Bank, I was involved in preparing such laws & establishing UAE Stock Market. In addition to my work in UAE Central Bank I was appointed as Legal Advisor to UAE Stock Market in Abu Dhabi. Thereafter, I was involved in drafting laws for both Abu Dhabi & Dubai Securities Markets.

I was appointed as World Bank, Legal Consultant, in Securities Markets. In this capacity I was appointed by the World Bank to draft Yemen Securities Market Law, Sudan Securities Markets Law, Qatar Securities Markets Law… etc. Now, in Bahrain, I am involved in the activities of Bahrain Bourse.

In addition to my daily professional practice, I have academic background as Professor of law in many Universities & Higher Institutes, teaching banking, business laws, international law, contracts, company laws, etc.

I Published many books in Arabic & English covering legal banking corporate issues & securities markets laws ( available in bookshops). A regular writer of articles & papers covering legal issues in many newspapers and Legal Reviews. Regular speaker in many international and regional conferences and seminars covering different legal financial corporate issues.