Unlocking Liquidity in Real Estate

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Unlocking Liquidity in Real Estate

Tokenization is an immensely powerful tool for trust, transparency, record-keeping and
governance automation. No other technology can match its ability to transact trustless
business between multiple parties and prove ownership. But even with all these advantages,
it alone can’t provide the functionality required to access liquidity.

The TRAX would enable issuers (developers and owners) to tokenize and list assets on the
stock exchange with a vastly simplified, fully digital disclosure process specifically for real
estate. At the same time, brokers can leverage this exciting new asset class to attract
investors on a global scale, creating liquidity and increasing trading volume.

Blockchain and tokenization technology deployed through the TRAX presents an opportunity
to transform real estate financing in the Middle East, create a vibrant new marketplace,
attract new money, and unlock liquidity from this traditionally illiquid asset class.


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