The Saudi Stock Exchange Hosts Investment Summit in Singapore

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The Saudi Stock Exchange Hosts Investment Summit in Singapore

Following the opening of the market to qualified foreign investors on 15th June 2015, a high-level Saudi Stock Exchange delegation has begun an international roadshow to enhance understanding of the Saudi market among international investors. 
The delegation, led by Mr. Adel Al-Ghamdi the Chief Executive Officer, headed east to Singapore for its inaugural seminar on 28th October 2015. 

Officials from the Saudi Stock Exchange and listed companies representatives engaged in high-level talks and meetings with regional officials, private sector leaders and institutional investors looking to access the market. In particular, the delegates addressed the diverse makeup of the market, and showcased investment opportunities in high growth sectors. 

The Singapore seminar is to be followed by seminars in London on 2nd November, and New York on 5th November. In each location, the day is scheduled to involve a presentation on the prospects for the Saudi Economy, interactive discussion and debate on relevant topics, and one to one meetings between Saudi and international delegates. 

The roadshow represents a further step in the journey to raise the Saudi market international profile as a means of helping to enhance the professionalization of the market. Last month, the exchange launched the new NASDAQ X-Stream INET trading platform after four years of consultation, with the aim of enhancing the sophistication and stability of the market. 

Mr. Adel Al Ghamdi, CEO of the Saudi Stock Exchange, commented after the Singapore roadshow: 
“We are delighted with the success of the inaugural event in our roadshow. It was an extremely positive start to our global roadshow program and provided the chance to discuss the opportunities in the Saudi market with some of the most experienced international investors in Asia as well as with media in the region.” 

“Foreign investment in the market will enhance corporate governance among Saudi listed companies by enabling international institutions to have an active voice as shareholders, as well as enhancing research coverage and improving local knowledge and expertise, bringing benefits to all market stakeholders.” 

Mr. Fadi Hammad, Chief Corporate Development Officer, also commented: “The process of opening the Saudi market to qualified foreign investors is an important step but it needs to be handled in the right manner. The international roadshow is central to this process because it allows practitioners to engage in high-level talks with interested investors in a professional and transparent setting. We were pleased to see that the Singapore seminar provided an opportunity to educate, discuss and debate, and we are now looking forward to the forthcoming seminars in London and New York.” 



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