The Palestine Exchange Launches its Disclosure System “IFSAH”

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The Palestine Exchange Launches its Disclosure System “IFSAH”

The Palestine Exchange (PEX) launched today its disclosure system “IFSAH” in a press conference attended by representatives of local media and held at the Palestine Capital Market Authority premises in Ramallah.
Speakers, Mr. Ahmad Aweidah CEO of PEX and Mrs. Abeer Odeh general manager of the PCMA, spoke about the new system, its importance, specifications and its positive impact on the disclosure process and the Palestine investment environment.
“IFSAH” was developed internally to streamline and organize the disclosure process between the listed companies and other stakeholders including PEX, PCMA, brokers, investors, auditors and analysts.
The new system will enforce the use of International Financial Reporting standards (IFRS), achieve consistency, provide an electronic data base that can be used for different purposes and will eliminate human error.
Mr. Ahmad Aweidah expressed his confidence in the new system saying that it’s a great qualitative step forward and it will help PEX in providing a transparent and equitable trading environment. 



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