The Egyptian Exchange Launches Nilex First Index

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The Egyptian Exchange Launches Nilex First Index

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) started to take practical steps towards activating the first index that measures the performance of listed companies of the market for small and medium enterprises, NILEX. EGX by end of January 2014.

The new index uses the methodology of the Market Cap adjusted by free float, which is the same methodology used for the main index EGX 30, but the nature of NILEX imposed a number of changes on this methodology.

The most active companies are selected in terms of value during the audit period, excluding companies that have free float less than 10%, as well as the ones that experience recurrence violations of disclosure rules (more than 3 violations), and the companies that conclude losses for a period of three consecutive years. Based on the methodology, there is no certain number of companies required to constitute Nilex Index which differs from the EGX30 stock index.

It also does not require the company to achieve more than 50% of the trading days.

This Index has achieved an increase of 15.7% by the end of 2013 to close at 1156.8 points 
compared to an estimated growth of 37% on the EGX 30 Index during the same period. 



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