The Egyptian Exchange Honors Outstanding Employees

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The Egyptian Exchange Honors Outstanding Employees

In a move aimed at raising the efficiency, The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) started a new tradition of honoring outstanding employees who make extraordinary achievements during the year 2014.
Dr. Mohammad Omran, EGX Chairman said that one of the pillars of the strategic plan of the stock exchange is to strengthen the human resources element.  He stated that the strike force of any institution and is its manpower element.  Through this new tradition EGX will help to consolidate the concept of reward and appreciate for hard work.  Omran completed “We have our goals for the year clear to management and accordingly each employee is aware of these goals that must be achieved during the year.” 
“2014 was an exceptional year for EGX through reataining its pioneer position domestically and internationally; EGX was chosen the best African Stock Exchange for 2014, President of the FEAS and re-elected as a member of the Executive Committee of ASEA. 

Omran said that honoring employees is a new tradition we will continue to follow in the coming years.  This will be a stimulus for creating honest competition between employees in the interest of the institution as a whole. 


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