The AFE Holds its First Brokers Meeting

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The AFE Holds its First Brokers Meeting

The AFE held its first Brokers meeting on the 23rd of April in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

The meeting was headed by Sheikh Khalifa Ebrahim AlKhalifa, the Chairman of the AFE and attended by the Secretary General, the Federation’s legal consultant and a number of the AFE affiliated members. This meeting was the result of the AFE Secretariat General initiative to gather the affiliated members and work closely together for the purpose of progressing with the subjects of common interest.

During the meeting, it has been decided to open the membership door for the new financial institutions and brokerage companies who wish to join the AFE until the 8th of June 2015. Hence, the AFE Secretariat General proceeded by sending an official letter to the Exchanges members to encourage their brokerage companies to join the AFE as affiliate members. By joining prior to this date, the companies will be considered as members of the “AFE Constitutional Brokers Committee” which will work on the Charter of this new Committee within the AFE and the scope of its work.


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