Start of Negotiations on the Title “TUNISIE VALUES”

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Start of Negotiations on the Title “TUNISIE VALUES”

Tunis Stock Exchange celebrates the listing of Tunisian Stock Exchange shares in the main stock exchange market, the first stock exchange broker to list its shares on the Tunis Stock Exchange. Has raised the number of listed companies to 82 companies.

The initial public offering of the company “Tunisie Valeurs” was realized by means of a Fixed Price Offer of 604,572 shares and a Private Placement of 100,000 shares, i.e. a total of 704,572 shares representing 35,23 % of the share capital. The share was sold at a price of 31 dinars. The operation involved a total amount of 21.8MD.

The result of the offering of the securities through the Firm Price Offer revealed a demand representing 11 times the quantity offered, attracting 3,802 new shareholders, while the Private Placement was made with 4 investors.


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