Seminars on Investment in Muscat Securities Market

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Seminars on Investment in Muscat Securities Market

The ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs and the Shura Council each hosted the educational seminar on investment in Muscat Securities Market and the available investment opportunities organized by Muscat Securities Market as part of its public awareness campaign to explain its roles in the creation investment opportunities. 
The seminars included presentations about the role of Muscat Securities Market, its objectives the types of markets in MSM, including the primary market in which companies are listed at the time of public offerings until being listed in the secondary market as well as the classification of securities.
Moreover, these seminars were useful in acquainting the participants with the concept of investment, which means sacrificing money at the present in order to gain in the future and how it is different from saving and the types of investment. 
It is worth noting that the hosting ministries and agencies stressed their keenness to host such meetings and seminars about various fields of activity with the objective being to educate their employees on various services so that they can deal in such services properly and for their benefit. 




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