Saudi Stock Exchange Holds Investment Summit in London

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Saudi Stock Exchange Holds Investment Summit in London

A high-level Saudi Stock Exchange delegation has continued on its international roadshow, with an investment summit in London yesterday. 
Following a successful investment seminar in Singapore on 28th October, the delegation, led by Adel Al-Ghamdi, Chief Executive Officer, Saudi Stock Exchange, once again engaged in high-level talks and meetings with regional officials, media, private sector leaders and institutional investors looking to access the market. 

The London seminar involved a presentation on the prospects for the Saudi Economy, interactive discussion and debate on relevant topics, and one to one meetings between Saudi and international delegates. The final seminar of the international roadshow will be held in New York on 5th November. 

Saudi Stock Exchange spokesperson commented: “The roadshow is progressing extremely well and we are very pleased with the reception from the international investment community. Hosting the seminar in London was an important milestone in the long process of opening the Saudi market to foreign investors. London is one of the financial capitals of the world, and we had the invaluable opportunity to engage with and educate major investors from throughout Europe. 

“There are challenges in the current global economic conditions, but we found that investors here and in Singapore still recognize the fundamental potential within the Saudi market and are still keen to become more involved.” “We are very pleased with the summit in London. Once again, the presentations and discussions were engaging and informative, ensuring that the opportunities for international investors in the Saudi market are fully understood. There is no doubt that this education exercise will encourage further involvement from senior international investors in our rapidly growing and maturing market. ” 



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