Qatar Stock Exchange Will Host in October 2015 the WFE 55th General Assembly and Annual Meetings

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Qatar Stock Exchange Will Host in October 2015 the WFE 55th General Assembly and Annual Meetings

Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) will host the 55th General Assembly and Annual Meeting of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) during the period from 19th-21st October 2015.  The WFE is also the world’s largest gathering of exchanges as it is the trade association of 64 publicly regulated stock, futures and options exchanges from all over the world, in addition to other affiliate and correspondent members.

The 2014 WFE  General Assembly and Annual Meeting was held in the Korean capital, Seoul, during which Mr. Rashid bin Ali Al-Mansoori, CEO of Qatar Stock Exchange was elected as a Board Member of the WFE to represent Europe-Middle East-Africa region for three-year term.
The 2015 WFE meetings will include the WFE Working Committee Meeting, Board of Directors Meeting, General Assembly, and the Annual Meeting, during which several important and hot topics are usually discussed on the role of stock exchanges in serving national economies, their contribution to the overall development and sustainability efforts, their role in encouraging investments and the private sector through SME””s exchange markets, in addition to discussing  some other issues related to stock market strategies and performance, the development of derivatives and bonds markets, and the challenges facing emerging and developed markets.

On this occasion, Mr. Al-Mansoori stated that QSE is delighted for hosting the WFE, which is the largest international platform for exchanges in world with more than 64 member exchanges, in addition to correspondent and affiliates members. The hosting of this major international event in Qatar is an important achievement for Qatar Stock Exchange and an indication of its prominent regional and global position. “We are happy to be part of an organization that represents markets worldwide that are fair, transparent, well regulated and that play an important role in the economies of our respective countries”, Al-Mansoori added.

Stressing on the Qatar Stock Exchange’s commitment to the best international standards and practices, Mr. Al-Mansoori noted that the QSE full membership in the WFE, the winning of the WFE Board elections, and the hosting of the WFE 55th General Assembly and Annual Meetings came as a result of the developments witnessed by the Qatari capital market in general and the Qatar Stock Exchange in particular at all levels.

He pointed out that no country in this interconnected world can be immune to the risks and vagaries of the global economy, adding that no country can live alone, as all countries need to build bridges of cooperation and joint coordination. Mr. Al-Mansoori called on participating stock exchanges to cooperate and empower partnership, depicting joint work as an urgent need, especially in the world of strong alliances, financial crises, and unstable regional circumstances.

“We look at this meeting as an opportunity to exchange views in order to strengthen the means of cooperation between the participating stock exchanges and find solutions to the difficulties and challenges that may face those exchanges, especially in light of the rapid economic, social and political changes all over the world,” he added.
Al-Mansoori stressed the vital role of stock exchanges and capital markets as main players in economic development in all countries, adding that the success in playing this role is strongly dependent on the adoption of the best policies, plans and programs, which preserve the rights of investors and contribute to the strengthening of national economies against geopolitical shocks.

“The hosting of this major international event by Qatar Stock Exchange reflects Qatar’s international position as a pivotal player in the international and regional investment community. It also reflects the international recognition of the advanced level and remarkable developments achieved by Qatar Stock Exchange in particular and Qatar’s capital markets in general,” Mr. Al-Mansoori concluded.

The WFE meetings, which will be hosted in Qatar, aim at providing global collaborative environment through which participants and capital markets specialists can exchange information, share their expertise and discuss issues of common interest in order to find workable and efficient solutions.

The WFE offers members guidance on their business strategies, and on improvements and harmonization of their management practices.  The WFE develops and promotes standards in markets, publishes research on topical subjects, supports reform, international cooperation and coordination among regulators. In its capacity as the most important and principal international organization in the securities industry, the WFE organizes its annual meetings and general assembly in the presence of the heads and CEOs of the world’s largest stock exchanges. The membership of the WFE is an important indicator for many international investors and international investment institutions on the investment climate of members markets, because it reflects the commitment of member stock exchanges to generally accepted international standards to promote investments.

The WFE is an important reference point for many international investors about the investment atmosphere in the member markets.  The WFE market operators are responsible for operating key components of the financial world. The WFE exchanges are home to more than 45,000 listed companies and the WFE statistics database covers more than 350 indicators and 70 years of data from exchanges worldwide.


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