Qatar Stock Exchange Participates in the Doha Investment Forum 2017

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Qatar Stock Exchange Participates in the Doha Investment Forum 2017

CFA Society Doha, the local association of CFA Institute investment management professionals, hosted the 2017 Doha Investment Forum alongside Qatar Stock Exchange and Qatar Development Bank. The forum, held earlier this week, brought together policymakers, industry experts and key market participants from across Qatar.
The forum was a platform to discuss the most recent thinking with regard to how stock exchanges contribute to a country’s growth, and the role which small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) can enable entrepreneurial companies to be the driving force of global economies. Over 100 investment management professionals were given the opportunity to discuss global trends and each organization’s contributions to the topic. 
Mr. Rashid Bin Ali Al Mansoori, CEO of Qatar Stock Exchange, commented: “We are very aware that a customized market for SMEs has been a successful model around the world; our own QE Venture Market has learnt the lessons and is designed with flexible regulatory requirements that lower the normal barriers to SME listing.
“Whilst the Rules have been available for some time, we would have to invest significant time and resources in targeting and preparing a small number of outstanding SMEs who will represent the pioneers of our market when it is launched.” Mr. Al-Mansoori highlighted.
The Forum was opened by Paul Smith, CFA, President and CEO of CFA Institute, he commented: “Qatar has made great strides in building an efficient and transparent financial sector. Your goals – such as enhancing investor protection through standards and codes of conduct and building talent through professional developments – are ambitious and aligned with the mission of CFA Institute.
The forum provided insights and opportunities for investment professionals to discuss the role of the local capital markets, latest developments, where to source new funding for business, and new investment opportunities.
The Forum concluded with the CFA Society Doha Charter Award ceremony, at which 21 new investment management professionals were awarded their designations as Chartered Financial Analysts. CFA Society Doha the local chapter of CFA Institute also recognized its volunteers who contributed to the development of the investment profession in Qatar.



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