Qatar Stock Exchange Organizes Lecture on Margin Trading

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Qatar Stock Exchange Organizes Lecture on Margin Trading

As part of the policy, aiming to promote knowledge and investment awareness among all market participants, Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) today organized a lecture on margin trading service. The lecture was delivered by QSE experts and attended by brokers, QFMA representatives, and public investors. This lecture comes following the launch of the Margin Trading service, approved by the Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA). 

During the seminar, Mr. Nasser Al-Abdul Ghani, QSE Market Operations & Control Director, delivered a speech in which he stated that the aim behind the launch of margin trading is to contribute in the development of the stock market performance and stimulate trading and liquidity. He added that the implementation of this initiative will enhance market liquidity and provide new financing channels for investors.

Mr. Samer Abu Zaghla gave a detailed explanation on margin trading procedures, controls and requirements and explained that the brokers wishing to be licensed as Margin Lenders can submit their applications for QFMA’s approval, and once the member is licensed as a Margin Lender, it can perform Margin Trading activity at QSE. He added that the margin trading will allow investors to purchase securities that are partially financed by a loan or credit facility made available by a Margin Lender, a Member licensed to provide Margin Trading services.



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