Qatar Stock Exchange Launches New Analytical Tools via Website

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Qatar Stock Exchange Launches New Analytical Tools via Website

Qatar Stock Exchange today announced major new features within its website. The MarketWatch application is at the forefront of the website and is designed to be one stop market data and analytics platform. Alongside live prices and order book updates, the investor now has access to comprehensive, data rich company profiles and complete technical analysis tools for the investor.   Users are further empowered with the availability of realtime news and price alerts for those continually on the go.


The new company profile pages bring a wealth of information about the company. There are quotations such as historical and intraday prices, performance metrics and news.  Issuance information provides index weights, ownership limits, shareholder data and historical corporate actions. Management profiles, investor relations details and broker research are also available. QSE completes the picture with full XBRL financials alongside the original financial statements.


To compliment the fundamental research, the user is presented with full technical analysis tools, embedded within MarketWatch – the realtime market monitor. QSE has partnered with TradingView, the New York based firm offering interactive charts and technical analysis. QSE’s 47 listed stocks receive the next-gen charting experience. Users have access to 53 different technical indicators, can compare symbols and select time intervals or date ranges.


For users on the go, QSE offers the configurable realtime news and price alerts sent directly to the phone

Rashid Al Mansoori, CEO of Qatar Stock Exchange, commented ‘we already offered an unparalleled amount of data on the QSE market but with this new functionality we present MarketWatch as an integrated platform, providing for all the needs of the investor. The charting capabilities are particularly impressive and when combined with fresh new company profiles and price alerts we believe we’ve created a benchmark for exchange data offerings


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