Qatar Stock Exchange Holds a Seminar Entitled “Introducing Liquidity Provision”

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Qatar Stock Exchange Holds a Seminar Entitled “Introducing Liquidity Provision”

As part of its efforts to increase the awareness of investors about the liquidity provision scheme and its importance for investors and listed stocks, Qatar Stock Exchange today held a seminar entitled “Introducing Liquidity Provision” at the Four Seasons Hotel in the presence of its liquidity provision partners, namely the Group Securities and QNB Financial Services. 
The event was sponsored by the Commercial Bank Investment Services and Horizon Software.

Mr. Rashid bin Ali Al-Mansoori, CEO of Qatar Stock Exchange, gave an opening speech in which he expressed his thanks to the parties supporting this initiative that is important for the development of the capital market in the State of Qatar. He stated: “The liquidity provision is an important development for us at Qatar Stock Exchange and one which we have worked hard to achieve, and we are grateful to our regulator, the QFMA, for their efforts in bringing this initiative to fruition. Improving liquidity is one of the key components in our overall market development strategy and the LP regime is an important element in helping us to achieve this goal.

“Our overall objectives continue to be to develop and support the Exchange for the benefit of all of our members and the investment community as a whole. We continue to work with the regulator and other agencies to increase the issuer base and to introduce new products and services. We continue to work on improving market access with the aim of increasing our investor base. We also continue to seek out ways to improve liquidity across the board for the benefit of all,” Al-Mansoori stated.



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