Qatar Stock Exchange Conducts Successful Industry-Wide BCP Test

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Qatar Stock Exchange Conducts Successful Industry-Wide BCP Test

As part of its regular BCP procedures, Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) in cooperation with QFMA, brokers and business partners successfully conducted an industry-wide BCP exercise on Friday 23rd September. The proposed scenario involved a major disaster striking QSE primary data centre during the continuous trading phase of the trading session.
During the simulated outage, QSE moved all critical IT operations and relocated key staff to the secondary DR site and BCP office space while brokers and business partners shifted their connectivity to the same, allowing for the resumption of a safe and orderly trading session within 90 minutes. At the end of the BCP test, connectivity moved back to the primary site, thereby ensuring the normal resumption of trading on the next business day following the exercise.
The QSE would like to express satisfaction with the positive outcome of this BCP test and we want to thank all brokers, business partners, and the participating QSE staff for this success as well as the QFMA for their supervision of the event.
The QSE believes that enhancements to our trading platform now allow us to fail-over trading operations and to resume trading with all previous trades and open orders standing. It is a clear indication of our willingness to ensure business continuity in case of major BCP events for the benefit of the local and international investor community.



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