Qamco Shares Will be Traded on Qatar Stock Exchange

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Qamco Shares Will be Traded on Qatar Stock Exchange

Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) announced that the admittance of the shares of Qatar Aluminums Manufacturing Company (QAMCO) to trading will on Sunday, December 16, 2018.  The decision to list QAMCO on QSE is based on the approval of Qatar Financial Markets Authority after the company has fulfilled all necessary administrative and technical requirements. With the listing of QAMCO, the number of listed companies on QE will increase to 46.
QSE stated that listing of QAMCO will be in the Industrial Sector with a symbol QAMC. As usual, price floatation for QAMCO will be permitted only for the first day of listing however; price fluctuation on the second day and thereafter will be permitted by 10% up/down as the case for all other listed companies.
On first day of trading, the standard procedures of IPOs will apply. Brokerage companies will be permitted to enter any buy/sell orders for QAMCO shares in the pre-open session at 8:30am for the listing morning day only. The pre-opening session for all other listed companies will remain as business usual at 9:00 a.m.
In preparation for trading the company’s shares, QAMCO current shareholders’ data will be available to all brokerage firms effective Sunday, December 9, 2018 and shareholders will be able to refer to the brokerage firms directly to deliver sale and purchase orders.
QAMCO was established in its final form on December 3, 2018.  The company’s authorized and issued capital amounts to QR 5.6 billion which 100% is paid up. 
The objects of the Company are to establish, manage, own and/or hold shares, assets and interests in companies (and their subsidiaries and/or associated undertakings), engaged in all manner of processing and/or manufacturing of metal products including aluminum, practicing and implementing various aspects and stages of activities related to minerals and mining, including the development of supply chains and products. All industries and services that are directly and / or indirectly related to its business and activities or to obtain such services for the purposes of the Company.



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