Palestine Exchange participates in the World Investor Week 2019

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Palestine Exchange participates in the World Investor Week 2019

The Palestine Exchange (PEX) participated in the World Investor Week 2019 (WIW) during September 29th to October 3rd which was held under the slogan “Together to enhance the role of women to invest in securities” in partnership with the Palestine Capital Market Authority. 
Ahmad Aweidah, CEO of PEX stressed on the importance of the WIW and PEX participation in enhancing the financial literacy and spreading investment awareness among targeted segments of the society.
PEX Participation included organising “Ring the Bell for Financial Literacy” ceremony which marked the launch of the WIW 2019 in Palestine in partnership with the PCMA and the UN-Women. The ceremony was attended by wide audience of both the private and public sectors, and highlighted, through two panel discussions, the importance of financial literacy and its implications for the financial stability of individuals, and the paramount role of academia and youth institutions in enhancing financial literacy and investment in the securities sector.  
It also included conducting workshops for women entrepreneurs in the cities of Tubas and Bethlehem, in cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce. Workshops aimed to enable women to play a better role in investing in the securities sector. 
PEX also hosted student delegations, as part of its participation in the WIW2019, where they learned about the securities sector and its mechanisms. And held a workshop titled” the Palestine Securities sector” at Al Quds Open University-Hebron Branch, attended by students and lecturers and aimed to enhance attendees’ knowledge in the securities sector. 
In the same context, PEX participation also includes using social media, during the WIW 2019, to launch a daily contest titled” Saving and Investment’ with a daily prize for the winner, and sponsoring a short movie, produced by the PCMA, containing awareness messages on securities investing. 
It is important to note that the World Investor Week is promoted by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), where the PCMA is a full member of since 2014. Palestine is participating for the third year along with almost 82 countries around the world. The “Ring the bell for financial Literacy” is being implemented this year for the first time in partnership with the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) to promote the importance of financial literacy, and to raise awareness of WIW 2019.




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