Palestine Exchange intensifies its Investor Education Efforts

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Palestine Exchange intensifies its Investor Education Efforts

Palestine Exchange (PEX) held a series of meetings and workshops for university and school students during October and November 2019, aimed at increasing their awareness regarding the securities sector in Palestine; PEX also posted more social media content on its pages.
The workshops were held in cooperation with the Palestine Capital market authority (PCMA) at three different universities and attended by 450 students. They discussed investment, the regulatory and technical sides of the securities sector and the role of both the PCMA and PEX within the sector.
Two hundred school and university students also attended meetings at PEX head office in Nablus; the meetings are part of the “visit the exchange” program, they discussed the theoretical terms in the students’ syllabus and linked them up with practical cases.
PEX also launched many campaigns on its social media pages including “Know you right” to allow ordinary shareholders know their rights in general assemblies, “Save & Invest” campaign with tips to help people save and better invest their savings, and “ Trading terms” campaign to simplify the daily trading terms to ordinary investors. Beside many exchange related contests were held with financial rewards for winners.
The PEX investor awareness program was launched in 2007 to meet the need to educate all segments of society, especially young people, as the student of today will be the investor of tomorrow.




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