Palestine Exchange Celebrates Woman’s Month

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Palestine Exchange Celebrates Woman’s Month

March was always a distinguished celebration period for Palestine Exchange (PEX) to focus on issues related to empowering women and gender equality in partnership  with UN-Women, Nasdaq and civil society institutions, especially after PEX signed the Women Empowerment principles and conducted gender audit in 2019.

CEO of Palestine Exchange, Ahmed Aweidah stated that within the plans laid out, March 2020 was full of activities that focus on several issues related to women and youth, and preparations for their implementation have already started, but with the rolling Corona epidemic crisis in the region, and in line with the measures taken to confront the spread of the virus in Palestine plans of implementation were changed.

Aweidah added that “Ring the Bell” ceremony, which was prepared in cooperation with the UN-Women, was canceled, same like most of the world’s stock exchanges and for the same reason. We celebrated the “International Women’s Day” occasion via social media platforms through many awareness publications, and a special movie focusing on gender equality prepared by our colleague women. PEX also celebrated the 8th of March with other financial markets clients of  “Nasdaq” which organized a special event using the billboard on its tower on Times Square -New York City to display client images of celebration. Aweidah expressed his happiness to celebrate “International Women’s Day”, which emphasize PEX keenness to support women, empower them and supports global efforts in gender equality. He extended his congratulations to women around the world and in Palestine for their efforts to leverage the national economy, same as men.


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