Muscat Securities Market Organizes a Training Program on the ‘Fundamentals of Dealing on Stock Exchanges’

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Muscat Securities Market Organizes a Training Program on the ‘Fundamentals of Dealing on Stock Exchanges’

Muscat Securities Market (MSM) organized a training program on “Fundamentals of Stock Exchange” where 46 trainees participated in the program. The event was held in the Business Hall of the Capital Market Authority.

Mohammed Bin Issa Al Baloushi, Head of the Information Department at Muscat Securities Market, stressed the importance of the training program, which is a continuation of the efforts exerted by Muscat Securities Market to spread the culture of investment in the securities sector and raise awareness on issues related to various economic developments.

In his welcome speech, Mr. Al-Balushi praised the level of responsiveness shown by the participants in the program as soon as it was announced, pointing out that there are other courses that will follow this program. The next date for the implementation of the second program will be next November. Muscat.

For his part, Haitham bin Salem Al Salemi, Director General of Muscat Clearing and Depository Company, presented a working paper on the fundamentals of dealing in stock exchanges, in which he discussed a number of concepts, principles and definitions, including the difference between savings and investment and the definition of the mechanism of working capital markets and what are the shares and the benefits of investing in them. Finance and how to invest in them.
The course also dealt with the definition of the primary market, the IPO process, how to trade in the secondary market, how the stock prices and the trading steps in the MSM are changed, the indicators of the market and the performance are presented, and the participants are familiarized with sources of information on listed securities, portfolio management, investment funds, Caution and wise investment.

Saud bin Mohammed Al-Abri explained that organizing the Muscat Securities Market for such important training programs will contribute to the development of the participants’ knowledge regarding investment in securities, as well as how to make the right investment decision, calling on the market to organize an upcoming program in financial analysis. Program suitable for participants.

It is worth mentioning that the training program which lasted for one day witnessed an interaction of participants in light of their aspirations to know what financial markets and how to achieve their investment aspirations.



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