Listed Companies at Bahrain Bourse Transfer their Shares to the Electronic Registry

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Listed Companies at Bahrain Bourse Transfer their Shares to the Electronic Registry

Bahrain Bourse announced on Monday, 7th November 2016 that all listed companies at the Bourse have transferred their shares to the electronic registry and deposited them in the Bourse’s Central Depository System. This step came within the procedures that were taken by companies in the past couple of months to amend their status to comply with Resolution No. (5) that has been issued by the Chairman of the Bourse in respect of amending the listing requirements of companies at BHB.
Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain Bourse Shaikh Khalifa Bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa expressed his delightedness of this achievement, which is considered as one of the key initiatives of the strategic plan adopted by the Bourse to develop the capital market in general and the Bourse in particular, aiming at enhancing investors’ protection that is one of the main objectives that BHB considers in all its initiatives. He also said that depositing all the shares will improve the quality of services BHB provides to shareholders. It will also open up the door wide to the Bourse for integration and interconnection with the GCC and global exchanges, and will contribute to offering more opportunities to the citizens to invest in the Bahraini Shareholding Companies.
Shaikh Khalifa also encouraged all investors to deposit their certificates as soon as possible in order to enjoy the benefits provided to the shareholders such as keeping the ownership records safe from loss and damage, and many other services. He also said that depositing shares will make it easier for Bahrain Bourse to communicate with the shareholders to inform them about their portfolio movements and to update them with the reports on their portfolios, bonus shares, as well as their rights and obligations towards their shares.
The Bourse’s Chief Executive Officer said that the Bourse is committed to undertaking all the procedures and steps to enhance the competitiveness of the Capital Markets Sector in general and the Bourse in particular with the aim of attracting more investments to this vibrant market in a way that will increase its contribution to the total GDP.
It is worth mentioning that the Chairman of the Bourse issued in November 2015 Resolution No. (5) that requires all listed shareholding companies on the Bourse to take the necessary procedures to amend their status in line with the amendments stated in the resolution, which includes registering and depositing the issued shares in the Clearing, Settlement, Central Depository & Registry System in the Bourse, provided that the establishment and management of the shareholders’ record in the company is in line with the electronic registry system licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain and approved by the Bourse.



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