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Launching the Amman Stock Exchange’s New Website

Form the standpoint of Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) to develop and improve their provided services for all related parties (Stakeholders) and to ease the access to the required information of the ASE and the listed companies, the ASE has launched a new website to be in force from Tuesday, 8/1/2019 in Arabic and English, which reflects the full image of the ASE and its huge developments that it witnessed and the advanced level it reached.

The CEO of ASE, Mr. Nader Azar stated, “The new website features rapid response design that suits all types of screens including laptops, tablets and smartphones that are all easy to be used by researchers and investors”.

Mr. Azar added, “The new website allows monitoring the market’s daily summary, the top gainers, the top losers and the most active companies live during the trading session, however, a range of high charts have been added, so reading and analyzing, finding trading data and any required information will be way easier due to being reclassified and reordered using advanced and smart search methods.

On the top, we created separate pages for the Investors, Issuers, Researchers and Brokers that each of them includes the related information for each of them to get the most out from the website.

It is worth mentioning that the ASE’s website is considered one of the most active ones in Jordan, where the number of visitors reached 9 million with around 400 thousand users for the same period during the year of 2018. 



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