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Financial Education at the Casablanca Stock Exchange

Casablanca Stock Exchange (CSE) organized an ongoing training at the Ecole de la Bourse from January to March. 542 people, among higher education and high school students and employees, have been training since the beginning of the year. In 2015, more than 7000 people, all profiles combined, have been trained at the Ecole de la Bourse.

CSE Organization of the award ceremony of the 2nd launch of “the Stock Exchange Champions”.
“The Stock Exchange Champions” is an online virtual competition, intended for students. It is about managing for a month a million MAD worth stock portfolio, under conditions very close to the market reality and in respect of the specific rules of management.

CSE participated for the 5th consecutive year, in the finance week for children and the youth, organized by the Moroccan Foundation of Financial Education.
During this event, CSE was visited by 600 students who have benefited from trainings on the basic concepts of finance. They have also rang the emblematic bell that marks the beginning and the end of the trading session.

CSE organized a training session for the benefit of a group of 50 members of the Rotary Club Casablanca. This event aims at familiarizing this public with the basic concepts of the stock market.



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