Egyptian Exchange Starts Trading on B Investments

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Egyptian Exchange Starts Trading on B Investments

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) trading platform welcomed a new listed company in the main market “B Investments” which will traded using the code BINV.CA on Thursday 29-3-2018.

In presence of Mohamed Farid, EGX Chairman, Mohsen Adel, EGX Vice Chairman, Dr. Khalid Serry Seyam, former EGX Chairman, B Investments leaders and representatives of Sigma Capital.

Mr. Farid said that the Egyptian capital markets has an important role to raise funding needed for companies’ expansions in various sectors to achieve strong economic growth on a sustainable basis. supporting the governmental economic and social development plan.

He pointed that most of researches confirms that the performance of non-financial services listed companies, especially non-direct investments listed companies is much better than un-listed because of the easiness of raising capital to finance their expansions and acquisitions.
Mr. Farid added that he called companies in various sectors to diversify their financing sources especially through the capital market explaining that the stock market is a strategic financing platform for direct investment companies in a sustainable manner.
Mr. Hazem Barakat, Chairman of B Investments said that his company has a strong plan to implement investment expansions in various sectors, and the IPO proceeds will be used to achieve this goal.
Mr. Alaa El Din Sabaa, B Investments’ Board member, said that the company is entering in 2018 with a set of targeted investments that are part of the company’s expansion plan after the IPO in the existing portfolio and new investments in attractive sectors within the company’s investment approach.


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