Egyptian Exchange Held 18 Training Programs for Over 200 Trainees during the First Half of 2018

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Egyptian Exchange Held 18 Training Programs for Over 200 Trainees during the First Half of 2018

Mr. Mohamed Farid, Chairman of EGX said that the various training programs held by our Training Center reached various parties in the market between EGX technical employees, brokerage firms and IR employees in the listed companies, in order to provide all market players with the skills required to raise the efficiency and depth of the capital market.

He explained That EGX’s management offers equal opportunities to all parties in the market and equip them with the skills and knowledge that enable them to design effective policies, that enhances the strength and effectiveness of all institutions operating in the market, noting that the development of human capabilities contributes in achieving the targeted stability and sustainable growth of the capital market.

The 2018 semiannual training center report included about 11 training programs for nearly 30 EGX’s employees in a number of sectors and technical departments including the IT sector, information center management, membership sector, risk management, research and surveillance. Also In the first half of 2018, EGX management succeeded to obtain a grant from the British Commonwealth Commission through Coffey International Development Co. to train around 30 employees in the listing, disclosure, information technology, membership and control of trading sectors on 3 training programs by London Stock Exchange experts. Two of which were held in London within the headquarters of the LSE on how to develop the regulations on the Stock Exchange at the level of listing and disclosure, while the third program on how to develop the markets of contracts and derivatives was held at the headquarters of the EGX.
The training center also organized a program on how to analyze the financial statements for approximately 27 employees of various technical departments for 16 hours of training over 6 days. Meanwhile coming from the strong belief of EGX management on the importance of developing employee’s efficiency in brokerage firms and listed companies and raising their capabilities on how to read the financial statements and facilitate the transfer of information between different market players, thus enhancing investment in the capital market. The training center further held four training programs for them. 

The First program was concerned with disclosure rules, corporate governance and investor relations, while the second was about technical analysis, and it was attended by 30 managers of several brokerage firms in Alexandria in cooperation with the Egyptian Association of Technical Analysts. In addition to a third program on the analysis of financial statements, held in cooperation with the Egyptian Association of Investment Experts, attended by a number of managers of brokerage firms in Alexandria. Finally, the fourth program under the name of “preparing the internal auditor” in coordination with the American Chamber of Commerce, and benefited about 21 employees of brokerage firms and listed companies.



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