Egyptian Exchange Chairman Meets International Investment Funds & EBRD in London

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Egyptian Exchange Chairman Meets International Investment Funds & EBRD in London

In line with The Egyptian Exchange (EGX)’s efforts to keep to the international standards, Mr. Mohamed Farid EGX Chairman, held a number of meetings in London.  The meetings shed light on the reforms taking place in the stock market as well as the developments in the economic front in order to attract more foreign investments.

EGX Chairman’s met with representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, representatives of the Association of Egyptians Businessmen in London, representatives of the London School of Business and a number of major global investment funds.

Mr. Farid, said that this external campaign comes timely after the unprecedented reforms the government implemented.

These reforms regained the confidence of the world and achieved very positive results, including the stability of macroeconomic indicators and enhancing the private sector participation in the economic activity, making it the focus of the world current opportunities.
“The Egyptian capital market are ready to receive foreign investments” he said; he also added that exchanging experience and accessibility to the world enhance the performance and capabilities of EGX.

The meeting with EBRD discussed means of developing and modernizing the SMEs exchange in Egypt. The Bank’s representatives expressed a strong desire to contribute to the development of that market because of its great importance in stimulating growth, attracting investments and increasing operating rates.

During his meeting with 25 representatives of several international investment funds, EGX Chairman reviewed the reforms package Egypt witnessed recently on the financial, monetary, investment and legislative levels as well as the latest developments in the stock market.

“Egypt now has one of the most successful reform stories in the region following the bold reform measures taken by the government including liberalization of the local currency”.

Farid pointed out in his meeting with the group of the Egyptians working in the financial field in London the latest developments plans adopted by EGX’s current management.

He also discussed ways of cooperation through training programs for EGX’s employees and exchanging experiences on the latest financial technology.



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