Dubai Financial Market Prepares for the Future with Avaya SDN Fx

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Dubai Financial Market Prepares for the Future with Avaya SDN Fx

The Dubai Financial Market (DFM), the leading exchange in the region, is now powered by Avaya’s SDN FX fabric networking technology. The exchange has selected this solution for its ability to effectively and efficiently cater to day-to-day needs, while also offering the convenience of scalability to grow and provide a superior end-user experience.
Hassan Abdulrahman Al Serkal, Executive VP, Chief Operations Officer, and Head of Operations Division at Dubai Financial Market, said: “As DFM has constantly been a market leader in optimising the most advanced technologies since its inception in the year 2000, we always select the cutting –edge solutions as we want everything to be reliable, cost-effective, and efficient. Avaya has been selected as our strategic networking partner as it enabled this, with a stable network solution that is powerful enough to exceed our current requirements as well as guaranteeing simple and efficient business continuity setup. Scalability is an especially important consideration for us given the cyclical nature of financial markets, and Avaya’s SDN Fx enables us to expand the network we already have, encompassing any potential business requirements without the need for costly replacements.”
The Avaya solution for DFM’s infrastructure covers four locations, including its main site, a disaster recovery site, plus connectivity to the Abu Dhabi Security Exchange and to the BT-London data centers. Intermediate distribution frame (IDF) locations are spread throughout DFM to provide data and voice connectivity at every desk. The IDFs contain stacks of AVAYA edge switches to connect to the production and the test environment.
Mohammed Areff, Vice President, Middle East, Africa, and Turkey, Avaya, said: “A business environment such as DFM’s calls for a superior degree of business continuity, which is crucial to avoid service interruption that could mean money lost. Avaya’s SDN Fx architecture specializes in multi-site virtualization for sub-second failover and mobility of resources between sites. This will increase our confidence to provide more and better services to our users.”
The Avaya SDN Fx architecture will encompasses the breadth of the DFM network, providing a single end-to-end service and a simplified, agile and resilient infrastructure. Network configuration and service deployment will be faster and easier.  With this architecture, DFM can optimise its trading-based multicast services, migrate from legacy technologies, and introduce new services and changes quickly and efficiently.
The Avaya SDN Fx architecture is the first to deliver “connect anything, anywhere” simplicity, shaving weeks in provisioning time by allowing devices and users at the network edge to be added easily to the network. Built on the Avaya Fabric Networking technology, it features new products and capabilities for a complete solution that delivers on the promise of SDN, without the hidden complexity that comes with towering and complicated overlays of software and hardware.



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