Dubai Financial Market participates in the UAE Career Fair 2015

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Dubai Financial Market participates in the UAE Career Fair 2015

Dubai Financial Market (DFM) is playing an active part in the UAE Career Fair 2015, which opened today at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The participation stems from DFM’s efforts to attract and develop UAE human resources and nurture a new generation of well-qualified Emiratis capable to lead the financial sector in the future. DFM has a profound belief in the importance of this drive and the government initiatives to lead it, as well as the directions of the wise leadership.
DFM has significantly achieved enormous successes through its 15 years history in addressing human resources development and localization policies as it implements a set of effective programs that ensure the best ways to attract, retain and develop its employees. Following the motto “Today’s talents…tomorrow’s success”, DFM adopts a well-established human resources policy that has empowered the introduction of various programs such as the Maharat training program, the Expert program for nurturing trading specialists; the Forsa program for student training; and the Knowledge Ambassadors program designed for qualifying capital market lecturers.
UAE nationals account for 63% of DFM’s workforce and occupy 100% of the senior management positions. Through its corporate performance scheme, DFM follows a sound policy that enables employees to identify their objectives and ways to achieve them as well as to strengthen their role in achieving the strategy. Moreover, DFM ensures that it provides employees with a career path that clearly defines the requirements and necessary managerial and technical capabilities for career development.
His Excellency Essa Kazim, Chairman of Dubai Financial Market, said, “UAE human resources development is at the forefront of our priorities. Over the past years, DFM has become the employer of choice for many of talented UAE citizens, as we provide them with the opportunity to develop and succeed in this sector. Having UAE nationals occupying 63% of the jobs at DFM, one of the highest percentages in the financial sector in the country, as well as 100% of the top management positions, is the strongest indication on the effectiveness of our policy. DFM creates an attractive work environment for UAE nationals with an undisputable commitment to offer our staff the required training, as employee satisfaction and investment in the human capital represent one of the key pillars of our strategy. We deeply believe that the human element is pivotal in the development of businesses and the economy in general.”
“As part of our commitment to reinforce localization efforts, we believe that career fairs offer an effective platform to connect with young Emirati talent looking to join the job market in general and the challenging and opportunity-rich financial sector in particular. Representatives of our Human Resources Department will be present during the Career Fair to connect with Emirati job seekers and educate them on the opportunities available in DFM, the leading financial market in the UAE and the region, with the aim to attract the most promising out of them to join us. In fact, DFM has implemented various initiatives to reinforce its emiritatization efforts such as the Maharat program to develop and sharpen the skills of UAE nationals. Additionally, DFM offers summer training opportunities to UAE students and educates them on the nature of financial markets through its annual stock game. We also implement an annual training plan and 134 employees have been trained over the past year through 6,152 training hours.”



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