Dubai Financial Market International Investor Roadshow in London attracts 49 institutions, 28% of them are first timers

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Dubai Financial Market International Investor Roadshow in London attracts 49 institutions, 28% of them are first timers

The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) International Investor Roadshow in London has achieved tremendous success connecting representatives of 49 international institutions and 10 listed companies. The event enabled issuers to shed light on their latest business developments. The institutions’ list during this round has been highly diversified with 28% of them taking part for the first time, in a clear proof on DFM’s sustained ability to attract investors, due to its lucrative opportunities and the sound fundamentals of the national economy.
The DFM annually organizes this roadshow since 2007.
Organized in cooperation with HSBC on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th of September 2018, the event included 151 One-on-one meetings between senior representatives of 10 Dubai-listed companies and 49 London-based international institutions with US$ 2.5 trillion of assets under management. For the first time, the event coincided with the Global Emerging Markets Investor Forum (GEMS), one of the largest investment forums organized by the Bank in London.  
Listed companies that took part in the roadshow included; Aramex, Emaar Properties, Emaar Malls, Emaar for Development, Orascom Construction, Dubai Islamic Bank, Emirates NBD, Damac Properties, DXB Entertainments and Dubai Financial Market Company.
Commenting on the outcome of the roadshow, His Excellency Essa Kazim, Chairman of DFM said, “The DFM international Investor Roadshow in London has provided a new indication on the market’s ability to maintain international investors’ interest, especially that it has attracted new institutions. Since 2007, the DFM has pioneered the concept of international roadshows amongst regional markets. We are continuously holding such events annually and will continue to do this in the future as part of our commitment to fortify links with international institutions. In fact, we are seeing similar commitment from issuers in terms of embracing international best practices of investor relations, transparency and corporate governance. These joint efforts not only enabled us to maintain the interest of international institutions over the past years but also to attract new funds as we have noticed during this roadshow. We are pleased with the great success that underlines investors’ confidence in the business environment in Dubai and the UAE as well as DFM’s ability to create a comprehensive infrastructure in line with best practices, enabling seamless access to the sizeable opportunities available on Dubai’s capital market.”
It is noteworthy that the DFM has further expanded its large and diversified investor base, attracting 2413 new investors, including 162 new institutional investors during the first half of this year and lifting total number of investors to more than 843 thousands compared to 841 thousands at the end of 2017. Total number of institutional investors on the DFM is 10949 institutions.
Fahima Al Bastaki, Executive Vice President, Head of Business Development Division, DFM said. “As we managed to organize this year’s roadshow alongside the GEMS conference, our issuers have been able to showcase their business developments and outlook in front of a larger variety of institutions that are actively investing not only in the UAE and the region but also in Eastern Europe and Africa. They met with many new institutions that represent a potential investor in companies listed on DFM. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our listed companies for their increased commitment to take part, which clearly indicates their openness towards investors and implementing best practices of investor relations. Our joint efforts further strengthen the leading position of DFM and its issuers regionally, as we mutually acknowledge the importance of effective communication between listed companies and the current and potential investors at all times.”
Abdulfattah Sharaf, Group General Manager, Chief Executive Officer UAE & Head of International, HSBC Bank Middle East Limited said,“The Dubai Financial Market and exchanges across the region are significantly enhancing their market infrastructure to make them more accessible and attractive to investors around the world. Against a backdrop of sustained regional economic reform, this creates tremendous opportunities for the global investment community. We are delighted to collaborate with DFM and its participating constituents on this roadshow and we are proud to facilitate their engagement with key institutions.”
Amit Jain, Group Chief Executive Officer, Emaar Properties said: “The Dubai Financial Market roadshow underpins the strong potential that the bourse offers for international and institutional investors in leveraging the high-growth opportunity offered by Dubai’s positive financial growth environment. Through our participation in the roadshow, we want to further highlight the strong fundamentals of Emaar, defined by the success of our Emaar Development IPO and our significant sales backlog in Dubai and other international markets. At the event, we will focus on the differentiating strengths of Emaar and its three core businesses – creating premium real estate assets, malls and retail, and hospitality and leisure. We will also highlight on our mega-developments that add significant value to investors for the long-term.”
“DIB remains an extremely active player in capital markets, be it equity or Islamic sukuk”, said Dr. Adnan Chilwan, GCEO Dubai Islamic Bank. “Over the years, investment has been flowing in from across the world as more and more global institutions are placing their confidence in the bank and its management. This is not just due to the continued strong performance but also because of the transparency and easy access to accurate and quality information allowing the investors to make knowledgeable decisions about the entity and its future direction.”
“Roadshows by Dubai Financial Market are critical to maintaining this perception of openness and strong corporate governance as Dubai continues to strengthen its position in this increasingly globalized world”, he added. “The immense competition for investment funds dictates active engagement with the global institutions which make events such as these an absolute necessity, and as such DIB remains committed to such forums in the years to come.”



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