Dubai Financial Market Achieves Customer Happiness through its Advanced Investor Centre

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Dubai Financial Market Achieves Customer Happiness through its Advanced Investor Centre

Structured as per Government of Dubai’s call centre standards and international practices:
Dubai Financial Market Achieves Customer Happiness through its Advanced Investor Centre
  • The centre successfully handled 31 thousands inquiries from investors during first half of 2015
  • Maryam Fikri: “With recent development efforts, the DFM investor service centre exhibits advanced technology, multiple communication channels as well as the full readiness of the team”
Dubai Financial Market (DFM) Investor Service Centre provides seamless and efficient experience in line with the best practices in this field supported by the latest technologies and a highly qualified team. The center has successfully handled 207,126 investor calls, including 176,126 calls from investors looking for information. The investor service staff replied to more than 31 thousand inquiries during the first half of 2015. The average length of each phone call has decreased from 2.11 minutes to 1.48 minutes, improving quality and customer satisfaction.
The DFM Investor Service Centre is structured according to the standards of the Government of Dubai’s call centers as well as in line with DFM’s leading position amongst regional exchanges in terms of innovation and benefiting from the latest technologies to effectively communicate with customers, providing them with an experience that surpasses satisfaction to happiness. This objective is inspired by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.
DFM has organized numerous workshops to educate and qualify the 10 members of the center, ensuring that they are well prepared to deal with investors in accordance with the highest level of dedication and standards.
Furthermore, DFM is constantly reviewing and evaluating the center’s infrastructure to ensure the effectiveness of its technologies and its ability to achieve the highest level of efficiency. Based on an extensive evaluation for the best solutions, the DFM has implemented the Genesys solution in November 2014, one of the leading companies in this sector. This step has created an integrated infrastructure with multiple communication channels, including phone calls, e-mail, automated voice solutions, Investor Service solutions and quality management. The center is also capable of providing new communication services, including the electronic chat and social media communication.
Maryam Fikri, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Clearing, Settlement and Depository Division, DFM said, “With the recent development efforts, the DFM investor service center exhibits  advanced technology,, communication channels, as well as the full readiness of the team that works to achieve customer happiness in line with the wise vision of the leadership. The center utilizes latest communication and IVR technologies and handles various inquiries, observations, suggestions and complaints and forward them and follow-up with the relevant departments. With the dedicated support of the well-trained staff, the center has succeeded in providing consistent and unified responses to inquiries.”
“As part of DFM’s commitment to continuous development, the management regularly evaluates the performance of the center in order to explore ways of potential improvement of its services in the light of costumer experience and feedback. We are also committed to constantly train all staff, and regularly provide them with all the necessary information to improve efficiency and ability to handle investor inquiries. The highly advanced capabilities of this center have been ideally applied over the past period in enlightening investors about many DFM products and services as well as about Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and listings that took place on the market.” she added.
The DFM Investor Services Center can be reached through calling: 04-3055555 or via the email:
The key features and benefits of the center:
  • Consolidated screen that offers 360 degree view of the customer information
  • The system allows the DFM customer service agent to have a full history of investor interactions with the center
  • Reduction of call handling time
  • Reduction of investor dissatisfaction risk by introducing automatic follow-up call for cases where additional information is needed
  • Better quality management, where all interactions, email, voice and screen, are recorded which allows the supervisor to guide the agent to appropriate response
  • Automated management reports
Utilizing center capabilities in educating investors about DFM’s products and services



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