Dubai Financial Market Achieves 94% Compliance in Annual Results Disclosure of UAE Companies

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Dubai Financial Market Achieves 94% Compliance in Annual Results Disclosure of UAE Companies

Dubai Financial Market (DFM) today announced that its smart and electronic platforms have witnessed significant demand from investors over the past two weeks since the adoption of the remote work and closure of the Customer Affairs counters on March 15th 2020.

According to DFM’s statistics, transactions accomplished through eservices platform and smart services app increased by 137% to 1,212 transactions during the second half of March after the closure of Customer counter services compared to 511 transactions during the first half of the month.

Similarly, the number of new users of DFM’s eservices has increased by 55% to 664 new users during the second half of the month compared to 429 new users during the first half. The top five most requested services included; Investor Number Requests, Cash Dividends Requests, updating investor information, eStokportfolio Registration and Statements.

“The strong demand from DFM’s customers as well as the seamless accomplishment of their transactions underline the all-inclusive smart and electronic platforms the DFM has developed to provide its customers with the highest levels of services. It also underlines the success of the numerous awareness campaigns we have been running over the past years to encourage greater numbers of market participants to move toward these electronic online platforms that enable them to get their transactions accomplished anytime and anywhere. Undoubtedly, DFM’s commitment to invest in smart services ensuring full readiness years ago came to fruition right now considering the necessity of remote working and the closure of Customer Affairs counters as a precautionary measure for the safety of customers and employees alike,” Maryam Fekri, CEO of the Dubai Central Clearing & Depository Holding (DCCD) said.

“Currently, the DFM has approximately 120,000 registered users and with the provision of all DFM services through the electronic platforms, customers can seamlessly submit and track their requests via the smart services app as well as the DFM Eservices webpage” she added. It is noteworthy that the DFM online services includes variety of services including; Investor Number issuance, updating investor information, tracking of investors’ portfolio, iVESTOR card and Cash Dividends, eVoting during Annual General Meetings and others. The DFM regularly implements widespread campaigns through SMSs, email, and the DFM website as well as the media in order to encourage larger numbers of investors to use smart services.


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