Challenge Initiative for Research Universities in Jordan

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Challenge Initiative for Research Universities in Jordan

Under the patronage of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE), Chartered Financial Analysis Institute (CFA), and the CFA Jordan launched the Challenge Initiative for Research Challenge in Jordan. Teams from four local leading Jordanian universities competed with a chance to participate at the regional and global levels.

This challenge is an original imitative devised to teach university students in Jordan the best practices  in equity research, valuation, and ethics and as a means for  leading industry professionals to train students  in researching and reporting on public companies. Siniora Food Industries Company was selected as the subject company for the challenge.

Four teams participated in the challenge represented Yarmouk University, Jordan University, the German Jordanian University and the Applied Sciences University, where they presented their analysis of Siniora Food Industries in front of the judgment committee that consist of Mr. Nader Azar the CEO of the ASE, Mr. Faris Sharaf the Chairman of Islamic International Arab Bank and Dr. waleed Na’san the CEO of HFG Hermes- Jordan. The committee has chosen the  Jordan University as the winner of the local challenge so as it will participate in the regional challenge which will be held in Amsterdam / Netherlands, with a chance to compete at the global level if the team win at the regional level.



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