Bahrain Bourse Reduces Online Trading Commission

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Bahrain Bourse Reduces Online Trading Commission

The Chairman of Bahrain Bourse Mr. Yusuf Abdulla Humood issued a resolution to specify the new levy on online trading transactions which became effective starting Thursday, 28th November 2013.

The resolution states that brokers’ commission on online trading was set at (0.2%) of the value of each transaction.The resolution also states that BHB’s commission from brokers for the transactions they conduct through online trading will be 15% of the broker’s commission and will be calculated based on the broker’s total buy and sell deals on each trading day.

The resolution is part of the “Online Trading Incentive Program” initiative that BHB launched to boost trading activity and enhance liquidity in the Bourse. This program will be valid for two years from the date of implementing the resolution.



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