Bahrain Bourse Launches “SMART INVESTOR” Program in collaboration with INJAZ Bahrain

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Bahrain Bourse Launches “SMART INVESTOR” Program in collaboration with INJAZ Bahrain

Bahrain Bourse announced the launch of the ‘SMART INVESTOR’ for the academic year 2018/2019 in collaboration with INJAZ Bahrain. As part of the launch of the program, Bahrain Bourse and INJAZ Bahrain visited Khawarizmi Primary Boys School on 11th December 2018 to attend one of the Smart Investor Program workshops and witness the program in action at one of the Government Schools in the presence of Chairman of Bahrain Bourse, Mr. Abdulkareem Bucheery, Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain Bourse, Sh. Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa, and Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, President of GPIC and Board Member of INJAZ Bahrain and Mr. Hassan Jarrar, Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain Islamic Bank and Assistant Undersecretary for General & Technical Education at the Ministry of Education Mrs. Latifa Bunudha.
Commenting on the launch of the programme, Mr. Abdulkareem Bucheery, Chairman of Bahrain Bourse said “We are pleased to launch the Smart Investor Program in partnership with INJAZ Bahrain.  This program goes in line with Bahrain Bourse’s belief of the importance of raising financial literacy awareness among various age groups, and complements Bahrain Bourse’s other awareness programs by targeting the elementary students.”
Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, President of GPIC and Board Member of INJAZ Bahrain commented “We are really pleased to have this program launched in partnership with Bahrain Bourse, which has partnered with INJAZ in spreading Financial Literacy to young students which is one of the key pillars of INJAZ Bahrain. This program will provide the students with the opportunity to learn the importance of money management and financial planning to be able to make sound economic choices as youngster and for them to have the knowledge and skill needed for them as they grow and develop.”
Sh. Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa, Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain Bourse, said “We are delighted to witness the actual implementation of the program at one of the participating Government Schools, and we hope to expand the program in the coming years to include more schools in order to increase the number of students benefitting from the program as well as digitization of the program. With the launch of this program, Bahrain Bourse provides financial awareness programs covering all academic levels”. 
The Smart Investor program aims to spread financial knowledge though equipping young students with basic concepts related to money management, savings and smart financial planning for the future through interactive edutainment activities. By participating in the program, students will be able to learn various financial literacy terminologies, recognize the importance of savings and gain knowledge on various financial planning concepts to make sound financial decisions. The Program consists of 7 themed sessions designed to equip students with the following concepts: Thinking, Specifying, Planning, Execution, Saving, Progression, and Evaluation.
During the 2018/2019 academic year, the Smart Investor program has been implemented across 61 schools, 148 classes, with the support extended form 148 educators targeting more than 5200 students within Grade 4 elementary level. SMART INVESTOR program is open to participation to various elementary schools interested in enriching financial literacy concepts to their students.
Bahrain Bourse is particularly thankful to the Ministry of Education for the support extended to ensure the successful implementation of the Smart Investor program as well as the following institutions who have sponsored the ‘Smart Investor’ program in the aim of spreading financial knowledge across the youth: Strategic sponsors include: Labour Fund (Tamkeen). Gold Sponsors include: GPIC. Silver sponsors include: Bahrain Islamic Bank, BBK, Ithmaar Bank, and National Bank of Bahrain.



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