Bahrain Bourse Launches its Mobile App

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Bahrain Bourse Launches its Mobile App

In a new step to develop the dissemination of its market data to investors and the financial investment community, Bahrain Bourse (BHB) has unveiled its new Mobile App “Bahrain Bourse” available for both iOS and Android operating systems. The aim of the app is to offer investors an easily accessible platform in their pocket to assist them in making investment decisions according to the latest market news & company disclosure.

The newly launched app offers a number of features that enables investors to: monitor real-time stock prices, view depth and volume information, time & sales, view company announcement & market messages, and a summary of the daily transactions.

The mobile application has been built to facilitate easy and informed stock trading information and deliver unique market insights for informed trading decisions for the investors community at large. The App can be found on Apple Store or Google Play by searching the keyword “Bahrain Bourse.”

On his part, Bahrain Bourse’s Chief Executive Officer Shaikh Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa, said: “The new Mobile App has been launched in line with Bahrain Bourse’s investor-centric strategy that has delivered a number of innovative services for various investors and market participants. We are already working on a suite of investor-centric services to facilitate dissemination of trade data as well as facilitate trading of all asset classes, such as the recently launched “Bahrain Trade” Platform, in which all those services aim at making the investor experience easier and flexible.”

“The Mobile App has been designed to specifically meet the ever-changing needs of the Bourse’s investors & enhance investor experience.” Shaikh Khalifa added.



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