Bahrain Bourse Kicks-off Smart Investor Summer Event

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Bahrain Bourse Kicks-off Smart Investor Summer Event

Bahrain Bourse kicks-off the ‘Smart Investor Summer Event’ which includes a series of edutainment activities for children of various age groups at the West Wing of the Seef Mall during the period 12-13 July 2019. The Smart Investor Summer Event provides children with the opportunity of role-play in various stations designed to help them gain practical financial knowledge. 

Children participating in the activities are required to complete all six stations to earn the ‘Smart Investor’ badge. Station activities included: Smart Investor Challenge, Smart Investor Market, Smart Investor Merchandise Store, Smart Investor ATM, Smart Investor Art Space, Smart Investor Library, Smart Investor Puzzle. All of the activities have been catered to enrich children’s experience with core financial knowledge using compelling saving & investment concepts.

“Awareness programs form not only part-and-parcel of our strategy, but are also intended to have a positive long-term impact on both the community awareness level and on the participants of the program. The Smart Investor program, which is aimed at enhancing financial literacy awareness among elementary students, and complements Bahrain Bourse’s other youth-focused awareness programs by targeting a younger age group,” commented Shaikh Khalifa Bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa, Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain Bourse during the kick-off event. 

 “Our participation today has provided us with a unique opportunity to share this rewarding program with the public, which has been designed to help them learn core financial literacy concepts and skills suitable for their respective age group. We are confident that these awareness programs will nurture Bahrain’s future investment professionals over the long-term,” said Shaikh Khalifa. 

Bahrain Bourse is particularly thankful to the network of sponsors whom have sponsored ‘Smart Investor’ program in the interest of enhancing investment awareness amongst young students: Strategic Partner: Tamkeen (Labour Fund), Silver Sponsors include: Ahli United Bank, GFH Financial Group, and Ithmaar Holding.

The ‘Smart Investor’ program, with the objective of enhancing financial literacy concepts and awareness in order to instil core life skills at an early age leading to sound financial decisions in the future.

The Smart Investor program conducted by Bahrain Bourse in collaboration with INJAZ Bahrain, is an awareness program targeted towards elementary school students with the aim of enhancing financial literacy concepts and awareness by equipping young students with basic concepts related to money management, savings and smart financial planning through interactive edutainment activities. By participating in the program, students learn various financial literacy terminologies, recognize the importance of savings and gain knowledge on various financial planning concepts to make sound financial decisions. The Program consists of 7 themed sessions designed to equip students with the following concepts: Thinking, Specifying, Planning, Execution, Saving, Progression, and Evaluation. 

It is worth noting that the Smart Investor program has been inaugurated during the 2018-2019 academic year, and implemented across 76 schools, 213 classes, targeting more than 6,291 students within Grade 4 elementary level, exceeding the KPI target of beneficiaries by 14%.  



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