Bahrain Bourse Holds Virtual Roadshow


Bahrain Bourse Holds Virtual Roadshow

As part of its efforts to attract international investments, Bahrain Bourse in collaboration with HSBC held a virtual roadshow on Tuesday, 7th July 2020 with the participation from a number of regional and international financial institutions and investment banks.

The virtual roadshow provided Bahrain Bourse the opportunity to showcase its key developments and plans to international clients. Topics discussed included the enhancement of the (Delivery vs Payment (DVP) Model 2 and enhanced Corporate Actions, ESG Guidelines being developed in Bahrain, and the establishment of the Amanat Investor Protection Fund. The speakers included Mrs. Narjes Jamal, Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Abdulla Abdin, Senior Director of Operations at Bahrain Clear, Shaikha Al Zayani, Director of Listing & Disclosure at Bahrain Bourse, and Marwa Almaskati, Director of Marketing & Business Development.

Mrs. Narjes Jamal, Chief Operating Officer of Bahrain Bourse said: “Last year, Bahrain Bourse embarked on an ambitious regional and international roadshow with the aim of attracting international fund managers.  This virtual roadshow seeks to build on this initiative by engaging with regional and international financial institutions and investment banks and showcasing Bahrain Bourse’s recent market developments and plans in the pipeline.”

“The pandemic has forced many organizations to fully embrace digital transformation, including the way we connect and communicate with our investors. Whilst Covid-19 restrictions have posed logistical challenges to many events, it has also enabled organizations to creatively come up with alternative virtual formats for corporate access days and roadshows.”
 “We continue to work closely with the Bahrain Bourse to create opportunities to connect with international fund managers and investors across our global network. Our international reach and relationships with teams in key markets offer a wider reach to international investors,” said Malti Javeri, Head of Securities Services at HSBC in Bahrain.


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