Bahrain Bourse Holds its Semi-Annual Brokers Meeting

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Bahrain Bourse Holds its Semi-Annual Brokers Meeting

Bahrain Bourse held its semi-annual brokers meeting for its broker members and market makers, which was held at the Bourse’s premises in the Bahrain Financial Harbour.

The meeting began with a brief presentation presented by Mr. Abdulla Janahi, Director of Trading Operations at Bahrain Bourse to update brokers on key developments taking place during 2019 which includes new fees implementation and leasing of brokers’ offices in Bahrain Bourse.

Mr. Abdulla Janahi commented, “The meeting aims to exchange ideas and opinions with brokers on the latest developments taking place in Bahrain Bourse to enhance the efficiency of the market. This meeting comes in line with Bahrain Bourse’s keenness to diversify the communication channels with all relevant parties particularly broker members.”

With participation from representatives of broker member firms, the semi-annual meeting is part of a series of meetings conducted at regular intervals aimed to provide an open channel of communication and facilitate collaboration between the broker members and Bahrain Bourse to address various topics of interest and seek their feedback on enhancing the market’s performance and other relevant matters.



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