Bahrain Bourse Announces the Kick-off of TradeQuest Challenge 2015-2016

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Bahrain Bourse Announces the Kick-off of TradeQuest Challenge 2015-2016

Bahrain Bourse (BHB) officially announced the kick-off of the TradeQuest Challenge for the school year 2015-2016 on Monday, 12th Ocrtober 2015 for the 19th consecutive year. The kick-off meeting was held at Bahrain Bourse’s premises, where all participating students and teams’ school advisors attended the event along with the investment advisors who will monitor and coach the teams during the program.

TradeQuest is a simulated business-education partnership program that focuses on investment trading in world financial markets, which operated for the first time in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 1996 in cooperation with financial institutions and educational parties. 

The program aims at stimulating relevant learning through realistic experience by learning the rules and regulations implemented in financial markets, analyzing and selecting shares, and managing a portfolio of investment instruments listed at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Bahrain Bourse.

TradeQuest consists of three trading periods where schools are required to make a presentation at the end of each trading period in front of the Investment Review Committee to outline their performance, objectives, and strategies.

The 2015/2016 TradeQuest program includes 10 school teams, of which 7 are private schools and 3 of them are public schools. The private schools are: Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School, Bahrain School, Ibn Khuldoon National School, Naseem International School, Al Noor International School, St. Christopher’s School, and Al Wisam International School. The public schools are Ghazi Al Qusaibi Secondary Girls School, Al Hidd Secondary Girls School, and Al Noor Secondary Girls School. 

Several financial and banking institutions in Bahrain are sponsoring TradeQuest and taking part in the program by conducting lectures and workshops that are conducted during the program, and they are: Gulf International Bank (GIB), Securities and Investment Company (SICO), J.P. Morgan Bank, United Gulf Bank, Citigroup, Khaleeji Commercial Bank, Ahli United Bank, Ithmaar Bank and National Bank of Bahrain (NBB).



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