Bahrain Bourse Adopts Distribution License Fees for Data Vendors

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Bahrain Bourse Adopts Distribution License Fees for Data Vendors

The Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain Bourse (BHB), Sheikh Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa issued on Thursday, 10th March 2016 Resolution No. (10) of 2016 in respect of approving the data distribution fees of Bahrain Bourse for licensed data vendors, effective on 3rd April 2016. 

The Resolution includes a list of the fees for obtaining BHB’s licenses to receive the bourse’s data, in which the fees mainly depend on the type of license given by BHB, as well as the timing of receiving the data (real-time or delayed), and the purpose of receiving the data, whether it’s going to be used for business or private use subscribers. 

The data offered by Bahrain Bourse includes but not limited to real-time data, delayed data, corporate actions, historic data and access to end-of-day database, and issuers’ data including data of BHB’s members, market makers, and custodians. 

The list of fees also includes the fees of the bourse for the connection between the data vendors and BHB’s primary data center, and the connection to BHB’s disaster recovery center in order to ensure that the companies receive the data without any interruption.

In order to receive BHB’s data, interested vendors should sign an agreement with BHB that stipulates all the legal, administrative, and technical aspects to maintain the rights of both parties. According to the agreement, individual investors will be able to receive share prices instantly from data vendors that sign with BHB. 



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