Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Participates in “Ramadan Aman” Campaign

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Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Participates in “Ramadan Aman” Campaign

A number of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) employees participated in the eighth year of the “Ramadan Aman” campaign, organized by Al Ihsan Charity Association in collaboration with a number of government and private institutions in the UAE.

During the campaign, the employees of the Exchange distributed Ramadan meals and drinks to the drivers of the cars moments before the breaking fast hour at one of the traffic junctions in the city of Abu Dhabi, as part of the contribution of ADX to charity activities organized during the month of Ramadan in different emirates of the country.

Commenting on the Exchange’s participation in the Ramadan Aman campaign, H.E. Khalifa Al Mansouri, Acting Chief Executive of the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange said that participation in such community events underscores the importance of the Exchange as a national institution for the effective and continuous presence of charity initiatives during Ramadan.

H.E. Al Mansouri added that ADX is keen on the annual presence within the volunteers of the Ramadan Aman campaign, one of the largest voluntary campaigns in the Arab world, in support of the national strategy to consolidate and promote the principle of community participation in charitable activities and initiatives.

The Acting Chief Executive of ADX said that participation in the campaign comes within the framework of the Exchange in supporting corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and its commitment to support charitable projects and encourage drivers to adhere to traffic laws. It also encourages individuals and organizations to promote community service and enable all members of society to participate in volunteer work.

It is worthy to note that Ramadan Aman has been distributing a million breakfasts across the UAE and the GCC, as well as Jordan, Bosnia, and Egypt. In Partnership with the Ministry of Interior and the participation of approximately 30,000 volunteers on the project which takes place throughout the days of the holy month in distribution meals to drivers at Maghrib prayer timings on a daily basis. This project contributes to the reduction of traffic accidents and excessive speed that is caused by the majority to catch up Iftar timing.


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