Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Organizes the Experimental Practical Exercise for the Business Continuity Program

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Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Organizes the Experimental Practical Exercise for the Business Continuity Program

As part of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange’s efforts to fulfill the strategies of emergency cases that might interrupt its overall functioning, the Exchanges management recently organized a successful experimental exercise at the Recovery Center in the Exchange’s Headquarter – Al Ain City. The exercise was related to the Business Continuity Program and was meticulously and professionally performed as per the preset scenario for emergency cases, crises and adventitious situations.
In this regard, His Excellency, Rashid Al Baloushi CEO of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, pointed out the Exchange’s management keenness to implement such experiments that aim to prepare work teams by involving them in training and preparation so that they are fully prepared to deal with emergency cases and the different types of crises with high levels of professionalism.
He added that the Exchange has worked hard over the past years to identify the business continuity methods on the bases and outputs of the analysis of the impact on business and risk assessment in order to reduce the overall impact of disruptions that might influence the functioning of the Exchange’s activity. The alternative scenarios’ main focus is to reduce the occurrence of disruptions in priority activities and then deal with any other disruptions or surprises that might take place along the way. This can be done through presenting comprehensive studies about all options and then selecting the most efficient and most reliable alternative that fulfills the goal that is related to the targeted time which must primarily be standard for the possibility of recovering the trading activity mechanisms in the Exchange.
Moreover, he said that we will continue to exert all efforts to prepare the Exchange’s employees to deal with and respond to emergency cases through implementing the Business Continuity Program with high professionalism. This is exactly what we are focusing on through this exercise that we recently implemented according to a comprehensive and well thought out work plan in which a large number of the Exchange’s employees participated. The employees quickly moved to the Exchange’s branch in Al Ain city where their efforts were combined to the situation to its original state. All divisions and administrations worked hard and on the highest levels to deal with the emergency case. Through this effort the most efficient alternative scenario was selected which met the goal that is related to the targeted time to the trading activity.
Mr. Al Baloushi concluded his speech by saying that the last emergency case represented a real test for the level of preparedness of the work team at Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and its readiness to face emergency cases. He also emphasized that such experience is a good lesson that will help develop performance and enable the employees to deal with the different circumstances in the future, and added that reflects the Exchange’s management’s efforts to provide the best services to the Exchange’s customers and strategic partners according to the government’s vision in order to achieve sustainability in service provision and stability for both nationals and residents in the country.
I would also like to point out that the experiment we conducted witnessed substantial response from all employees, managers and officials, and according to the exercise scenario a simulated emergency case experience has been dealt with in a way that reflected a high level of professionalism. The experiment was highly successful in relation to the expected time for the business continuity in the Exchange. Therefore, I would like to thank all participants for their cooperation to make this exercise a success.



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