Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Offers 12 Digital Projects at GITEX 2016

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Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Offers 12 Digital Projects at GITEX 2016

The number of digital projects offered by the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) at its platform in GITEX2016 has reached 12 projects, in the e-Government platform at GITEX Tech week. ADX participation in GITEX under the umbrella of Abu Dhabi e-Government arises from ADX commitment to support the strategic objectives of the Abu Dhabi Plan in creating a business environment that is both competitive and flexible through focusing on the digital transformation Abu Dhabi is witnessing.
“The exhibition has become a global window which solidifies Abu Dhabi’s status as a regional hub for business and digital transformation investment while infusing a culture of innovation, integration, and incorporation” said Ghanem Al Dhaheri, Deputy Chief Executive of ADX. The ADX stock game is one of the significant services offered by ADX, stemming from its partnership with higher educational institutions in UAE. ADX has launched a competition with participation of many universities, and has allocated prizes for winners at the end of the exhibition.
 This educational initiative is part of ADX aim to develop financial/investment awareness culture among students as the Stock Game acts as a model for practicing real trading in ADX, particularly for students of business majors The ADX stock game also provides the opportunity for faculty members at business colleges to instruct students on how to manage and evaluate projects related to listed companies, which would increase the students’ knowledge in the workings of stock markets The ADX stock game simulates actual stock markets, which was designed to train potential investors on trading and its operations.
The game improves the student’s ability to invest in the market and provides them with the ability to gain experience before the actual trading. It also allows them to live the environment in the market and get entertained without any financial loses or risks, as it simulates stocks real prices. Participants could use the game through ADX website or other smart devices where the service is offered.



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