Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Inaugurates “New Smart Services Pack” during its Participation in Gitex 2015

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Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Inaugurates “New Smart Services Pack” during its Participation in Gitex 2015

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange has successfully finished the necessary preparations to ensure a strong and distinguished participation in the Thirty Fifth Edition of Gitex of the 2015 season. The event is organized at Dubai World Trade Center part of Abu Dhabi E-government Corner in the period between 18th and 22nd of October, 2015 within a platform that was specifically designed for this purpose. Abu Dhabi E-government Corner includes many governmental bodies and institutions that are part of Abu Dhabi Government. These bodies will introduce the Event’s visitors to a unique digital experience whereby they will shed light on the latest applications and software that make life in the Emirate much more convenient and safe, and provide an environment that is suitable for both locals and residents alike.
On the other hand, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange’s participation this year will unveil the launch of a new pack of the latest technologically advanced smart services, solutions and projects initiatives on which the different departments and divisions have been working to be presented to the investors and the audiences alike. Some of these services will be unveiled for the first time to Gitex 2015’s visitors, participants and dealers. The event will also include dedicated introductory workshops where the audience and visitors have their questions answered, ultimately reinforcing Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange’s smart financial services.
Commenting on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange’s participation in this year’s Gitex event, Mr. / Rashid Al Baloushi, CEO of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, stated that: “This participation is based on the keenness of Abu Dhabi Emirate’s government to provide the best electronic services and smart applications that have the potential to make a quantum leap in the services provided by governmental institutions and bodies. Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange has already made a quantum leap with respect to developing the services’ competitive standards and achieved excellence on the strategic projects level through launching the smart technical services that contribute to the provision of facilitated services for investors and partners. The goal is to remain in line with the directions of the United Arab Emirates’ leadership which demands the transformation of the government into a smart one.
The CEO of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange added that the Exchange seeks, through its participation in the 2015 Gitex, to ensure the provision of the best success factors through introducing the different society population groups and dealers to the latest technological applications and new services and smart initiatives in Abu Dhabi market. Those services, applications and initiatives have been designed in such a way as to provide investors with an easier way to communicate with their activities in the Exchange, as well as to offer people the chance to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in technology and reinforce the smart services concept among them which is based on the concept of direct interaction between the receiver and the information source.
Another purpose of these applications, services and initiatives is to stay updated with Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange with respect to any technological or modern application that are introduced to the Exchange that have the potential to contribute to the development of its systems and services.
“We, at Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, strive toward transforming most of our existing services into (Smart Services) as part of our persistent quest to achieve excellence and our keenness to support Abu Dhabi Government Future Vision 2030 in the technical and technological fields in line with its goals and determinants.” Al Baloushi stated.
“The Exchange’s platform will provide a great chance for the visitors to be involved in full interaction with the entire smart services, solutions and applications that the Exchange offers. Our presence with other Abu Dhabi-based governmental bodies and institutions is considered a role model that reflects the values of union, integration and harmony between the different governmental bodies and institutions, the very same values that will strongly contribute to the fulfillment of Abu Dhabi Government Vision 2030.”



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