ِAbu Dhabi Securities Exchange Hosts Health Awareness Event

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ِAbu Dhabi Securities Exchange Hosts Health Awareness Event

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) hosted today an awareness event under the title “Your Performance Indicates Your Health”.  The event, hosted in ADX main offices in Abu Dhabi, in partnership with The National Health Insurance Company – Daman and Dr. Nutition Center, featured awareness sessions on smoking, Basic Life Support (BLS) where both ADX staff and investors enjoyed free health screenings that included blood glucose tests, blood pressure measurement, and Body Mass Index (BMI) calculations.  
Hosting this event comes in accordance with ADX continuing endeavors to organize useful events aiming at educating its staff as well as the wider community about general health issues. 
ADX Chief Executive, Mr. Rashed Al Balooshi, said during the event “organizing this campaign comes within the CSR initiatives conducted by ADX to encourage a healthy lifestyle for our employee’s and our investors. Such healthcare campaigns tend to have a significant benefit and positive impact as they were meant to properly educate the community members on a number of present-time health issues and provide a set of solutions for the prevention of such issue.



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