Trade the Middle East & North Africa: Connectivity, Data Systems & Processes

Trade the Middle East & North Africa: Connectivity, Data Systems & Processes
Find out how your organisation can participate in MENA's financial markets

20 May 2024

11 am London - 1 pm Egypt & Saudi Arabia - 2 pm United Arab Emirates - 6 am CET


The Webinar

As key states across the region seek alternatives to the fossil fuel industries that have driven their economies for decades, pioneering financial centres are emerging in Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and beyond. Exchanges and market intermediaries trading in these centres are adopting cutting-edge technologies to cater to the growing financial services ecosystems arising from these initiatives. 


The Middle East and North Africa region represents a compelling destination for international investors, offering a broad array of opportunities: market fragmentation, high-frequency trading, the presence of international, domestic and government funds, and a growing pensions industry.


In turn, the technology requirements for realising these emerging opportunities are becoming more complex, with growing need for high-performance and secure connectivity, smart order routing, and links to major prime brokerages and order routing networks. Exchanges are adopting modern trading platforms and experimenting with distributed ledger technology for post-trade processes.


This webinar, which A-Team Group is hosting in partnership with the Arab Federation of Capital Markets, examines the opportunities for firms looking to participate in MENA’s burgeoning financial markets landscape, and discusses the data and technology capabilities required to succeed in this exciting region.


By attending this webinar,

you will discover:


.The current trading landscape in MENA, including key exchanges, brokers, funds, and data and technology providers

.The data, analytics and connectivity challenges facing firms seeking to participate in MENA’s diverse markets

.Best practice approaches to meeting the demands of MENA’s fragmented marketplace.


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